Open Gym on Sundays 3pm-5pm. 

$15 for member

$20 for non member

1st child - full cost

2nd child - $5 off

3rd child - $10 off

We have reopened!

In the interest of everyone's safety, please refer to the following protocols found here. You can register for winter classes with the button below. In addition, please fill out this form and return it to the office. We look forward to seeing you!

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90 Seconds About Us


Taking a class will help to improve your strength, body awareness, and balance. Contact us to join a class.



True success is not measured simply in victories, but in the confident knowledge that one does their best.



Sit back and enjoy the celebration. No prior gymnastics experience is required – just the desire for fun.


Northwest Gymnastics

Welcome to the Northwest Gymnastics SCHOOL

Northwest Gymnastics is a state of the art gymnastics facility with superior management and staff that offers gymnastics to kids of all ages. 

Our mission is to provide excellent service in a fun, safe and supportive learning environment where our staff strives to teach life lessons of hard work, dedication, integrity, and sportsmanship through gymnastics. Our ultimate goal is to guide our students to be better than they were before they walked in the doors and to continue their growth each time they enter.

where every kid is a champion

Northwest Gymnastics


We are dedicated to educating our students in a safe, fun atmosphere.

Our goal is that each student will learn at his or her own pace and that our students will strive for “personal best” not only in gymnastics but also in all that life has to offer.

True success is not measured simply in victories, but in the confident knowledge that one does his or her best.

We offer gymnastics to all of the following: 

Babies, Toddler, Preschool, Classes, along with Boys and Girls Team


Northwest Gymnastics

The instructors are fantastic – very friendly and enthusiastic. The activities are varied from week to week which keeps it exciting. I would highly recommend this gym.

-Patrick Nelson



Northwest Gymnastics

Adult Beginner Class

This is a fun class for adults who want to learn the basic skills of gymnastics (handstands, backflips, front flips, etc.). Taking this class will help to improve your strength, body awareness, and balance. This class is offered once a week on Friday nights from 7:30-8:25 pm.

Northwest Gymnastics

"First time here for my nephew's birthday party and it was AMAZING and so much fun! The owner was so kind and great with the kids! The best experience ever! Thank you so much for a wonderful time!"

-Yer Thao Winder

Northwest Gymnastics

"We have been attending classes here for 4 years. Great staff and a nice gym. Reasonable prices for classes and competition gymnastics."

-Nathan Goihl 

Northwest Gymnastics

"I love it there the coaches take the time to teach you what skill you want to learn how to do if your looking for a gymnastics center pick this one it is the vary best I'm on the rec team and it's the best its challenging at first but then you kinda get used to it I'm going in to i'm petition and I'm so excited I think I'm going to love it and you will love it too😍💕."

-Elysa Hahn



USA Gymnastics Member Club

Why gymnastics?


The main benefits of gymnastics are the mental and physical aspects of this sport. This sport is mainly about building strength both physically and mentally. It increases many aspects of physical strength including flexibility, balance and hand-eye coordination. Not only does it help kids stay active it also forms healthy habits throughout life. Under a supervised setting, it is a place where children and teens can feel safe growing interpersonal and other strengths in life. It can be a teaching tool for many kids on learning about your abilities and learning to discipline yourself to reach your goals. From perseverance to mental toughness, gymnastics can help en-grain these traits in athletes.  There are many reasons why to enroll your child to try and engage in one of these classes. Reach out to us and see why your child should try one of our classes, we’d be happy to talk with you about our experience and training in our school.


What type of gymnastics classes are there?


Most classes that are offered are based around the four disciplines of gymnastics. The main four are Artistic, Rhythmic, Acro, and Tumbling. Many of the gyms usually focus on one kind of gymnastics or the more popular disciplines. There are few like this gym that has a more rounded approach and focus on the broad training of gymnastics to find your strengths. There are many introductory classes that we offer for beginners and for people of all ages. From tumbling to rhythmic gymnastics we have multiple disciplines for beginners to advanced students. We also have separate summer camps for children to help grow their interest to see if gymnastics is a good fit. After progressing in classes, you may be asked to join or try out for a team. There are many different levels and programs for teams.


When to start gymnastics?


For most kids, you could start gymnastics at any point in time. We offer classes where toddlers can be assisted and watched by parents. Truly even as they're crawling around you could come to have fun with them in the gym. Check out the levels and classes we offer, you’ll see we have a wide range of age groups and camps.


When is it too late to start gymnastics?


Anyone is never too old to start gymnastics, just like any other sport! Progression and gaining balance is always important no matter what stage of life you’re in. Gymnastics is also a great way to have fun while working out and enjoying progress with other people who love gymnastics as we do! It’s one of the best ways to stay fit, it requires many muscle groups, balance, and hand-eye coordination. This sport can improve the quality and longevity of your life no matter what level you’re at. We have a specific Adult Beginner Class that many people have enjoyed.


What should I wear to the gymnastics class?

Leotards are the main clothing that is worn in gymnastics class. It’s also very important to make sure your hair is securely pulled back. Boys wear various attire including just shorts and a workout shirt.


How do I get better?


Most gymnasts rise to a high level through many hours of practice. Through repetition, gymnasts can turn into Olympians. Just like any other sport, the more hours you put in the better you will be. Whether you’re practicing at home or in the gym, each day you can be better through repetition. Mastering the basics is the foundation to grow upon and improve your skills. Perfecting your form is the only way to grow in the sport.


What skills do I need to move up levels?


Progressing to the next level requires a certain minimum score to advance. Your coach needs to believe in your skills and that you’re physically and mentally ready for the next level. Some reasons for being held from another level will only help you to grow stronger and progress. Sometimes just the fact of needing to get stronger physically will keep you at your current level. There are several different programs and levels including the JO program or the Gold division and the Xcel program. There is a Gymnastics Level Guide and requirements checklist to see where and how far you want to go and what you must do to get there.


Where do I register for classes?


You can register online on our website. Just follow the links and contact us for more information. For camps and parties, please fill out our registration and waiver forms through our PDF download buttons located on the site.